Nggwun Video

In Somie (and other Mambila villages) Nggwun is a biannual royal ritual and dance held on the day Bam in the traditional calendar around New Year. There is more description of the Somie ritul available from here.
The public parts of the ritual and dances were filmed in 2011 by Irene. His film is included below, with his permission

Nggwun Music Video

The following is a video of a track from a recent album by Jean-Pierre Martino, released 2013.
It has been placed online with the permission of the artist. The Album is available for sale Chez Claude in Somié and doubtless at other outlets as well as from the artist himself for those near Mayo Darlé.
Orders can also be sent via DZ (but note that these may be subject to delays)

Watch Ngoun de JP Martino in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Some discussion about Nggwun in Somie is available from
NB There is some tourist information available online about the Bamoun "Ngoun" or "Nguoun" festival which is related to the Mambila Nggwun since both rites have Tikar origins. See for example the files accessible from

Early Nggwun Video

The following is a small clip of Nggwun dancing from 1996 which features a young DZ dancing (poorly). Made available for historical interest!
It is available in two versions: directly from this website in mp4 format

Or via Vimeo (more formats)

dancing david from School of Anthropology on Vimeo.

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