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Older work

(Co-authors marked with * were research assistants employed by projects directed by DZ).


Anthropological Index Online (Royal Anthropological Institute) from 1995


Words and Processes In Mambila Kinship: the Theoretical Importance of the Complexity of Everyday Life, Lexington Books (Rowman & Littlefield), Lanham, Maryland. 0739108018 2005
Reading in the Modern World: Anthropological Perspectives on Writing and the Virtual World (CSAC Monographs Online 17) 2001
with N. Mial & C. Mbe (100% of editing, and 100% of one of the three studies under my Mambila name, David Huømnuar), Trois Études sur les Mambila de Somié, Cameroun, Groupe de Recherches sur lAfrique Francophone, Boston, Mass., 2000
with Mike Fischer Experience Rich Anthropology. Resource Guide and Sampler CD for teachers and Students. Canterbury: CSAC, 1999
with J. Bex* & M. David*, Knowledge Lost in Information, Oxford and London: Office for Humanities Communication, 1999
Sua in Somié: Mambila Traditional Religion, Collectanea Instituti Anthropos v. 41. Sankt Augustin: Academia Verlag, 1994

Edited collections - jointly with Dr Ian Fowler

1) A special issue of the Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford (JASO) 23(1), October 1996
2) Half of Paideuma (the Journal of the Frobenius Institute) 41 1995
3) African Crossroads: Intersections between history and anthropology in Cameroon 1996. Berghahn Books, Oxford

Guest Editor (with Jane Bex*)

Special issue of Education for Information June 1999 17 (2) containing papers from the Libraries Without Number 2 Conference September 1998.
Special issue of Education for Information Winter 1997 15(4) containing papers from the Libraries Without Number Conference March 1997.

Articles: Single-authored

Visual anthropology and properties of the medium (or The visual anthropologist in the digital library: From filmstrips to salient stills and back to Barthes) . 2006. Visual Anthropology Review 21, 3-13.
The documentary impulse: archives in the bush. 2005. History in Africa 32: 415-434
Introduction. Pp 4-8 2005. In Joseph Chila and Samuel Finlak. Two Portrait Photographers in Cameroon (ed.) I. Swenson. London: Peer. isbn 0953977269
The Gift of the Gab: Anthropology and Conversation Analysis. 2004. Anthropos 99: 452-468.
The Experience Rich Anthropology project and the Computer Simulation of Mambila Divination. 2004. In Cultural diversity and indigenous peoples: Oral, written expressions and new technologies (CD) (ed.) L. Pourchez. Paris: UNESCO Publishing. ISBN 92-3-103939-3
Lessons learnt from the Experience Rich Anthropology Project. 2004. pp 85-96 in Current Policies and Practices in European Social Anthropology Education. Volume 2, Learning Fields (eds) D. Dracklé & I.R. Edgar. Oxford: Berghahn. ISBN 1-57181-564-3
The Talk Goes Outside. 2003 Africa 73(4): 606-22
Gift economies in the development of open source software: anthropological reflections. 2003 Research Policy 32, 12871291. opensource.mit.edu/papers/rp-zeitlyn.pdf (issn 0048-7333)
A Computer Simulation of Mambila Divination. 2002 In Practitioners, Practices and Patients. New Approaches to Medical Archaeology and Anthropology (eds) P.A. Baker & G. Carr. Oxford: Oxbow Books.
Lessons learnt from the Experience Rich Anthropology Project 2002 Assignation 19, 28-33. (issn 0265-2587)
Finding Meaning in the Text: the Process of Interpretation in Text-Based Divination 2001 Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 7(2): 225-40
Tangling with text, hedging with hegemony: spaces, genders and things in African ethnography 2001 Reviews in Anthropology 30: 55-64
Mambila avatars and the ancestor cult: Problems of History and Interpretation1999a [based on a paper presented at the Satterthwaite colloquium on African Religion, 20-23 April 1991] Included in the Experience Rich Anthropology Project: http://www.era.anthropology.ac.uk/Era_Resources/Era/Ancestors/dzanc_1.html
An Anthropologist at the Funeral 1999b Included in the Experience Rich Anthropology Project: http://www.era.anthropology.ac.uk/Era_Resources/Era/Ancestors/fieldnotes/background.html
Les mambila 1997 pp 231-4 in Arts du Nigeria: Collection du Musée des Arts d'Afrique et d'Océanie (eds.) J.-P. Barbier, F. Willett, & E. Eyo, Paris: Réunion des Musée Nationeaux
Public Transports of Delight: Review essay discussing Bruno Latour Aramis or the love of technology 1997 Journal of Material Culture 2(1): 119-22
Eldridge Mohammadou on Tikar Origins 1996 Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford 26(1): 87-98
Regarding machines for the suppression of time. 1996 Online resource http://www.mambila.info/it-va/it.html
Divination as Dialogue: the Negotiation of Meaning with Random Responses 1995 pp 189-205 in Social Intelligence and Interaction (ed.) E.N. Goody Cambridge: CUP
Problems of Interpretation: Mambila Figurines and Masquerades 1994 African Arts 27(4): 199-224
Reconstructing Kinship or the Pragmatics of Kin Talk 1993, Man (n.s.) 28(2): 199-224 An electronic version of part of this article that includes digitised sound recordings has been available since 1994 (as a pioneering experiment) on the World Wide Web at http://bodley.ox.ac.uk/isca/mambila/mambila.html
Spiders In and Out of Court. Styles of Spider Divination in their Sociological Contexts 1993, Africa 63(2): 219-40
Ethnography as Fiction - or the Lies we Tell One Another 1993 International Journal of Moral and Social Studies 8(2): 175-8
Ways of Speaking, Ways of Knowing (Conference report) 1992 Anthropology Today 8(6): 25
Un Fragment de lHistoire des Mambilas: un Texte du Duabang 1992 Journal des Africanistes 62(1): 135-50
Do Mambila Cockerels Lay Eggs? Reflections on Knowledge and Belief 1991 Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford 22(1): 64-9
Professor Garfinkel visits the Soothsayers: Mambila Divination and ethnomethodology, 1990, Man (n.s.) 25(4): 654-66
Mambila Bibliography The Nigerian Field 1989 54: 65-76
Mambila Divination Cambridge Anthropology 1987 12(1): 21-51
Contradictions and Alternative Logics 1983 Man (n.s.) 18: 788-9

Articles: Co-authored

Anne Elise Keane and David Zeitlyn (30% contribution), Food and ethinncity in Mayo Darlé, Cameroon forthcoming Anthropos
Frances Larson, Alison Petch and David Zeitlyn (50% contribution), Social networks and the creation of the Pitt Rivers Museum forthcoming Journal of Material Culture
With Fran Barone* (60% contribution), Small ads as first steps to Internet business: A preliminary survey of Cameroon's commercial Internet usage 2004First Monday 9(9) <http://www.firstmonday.org/issues/issue9_9/zeitlyn/index.html> ISSN 1396-0466.
Charlotte A. Mulcare, Michael E. Weale, Abigail L . Jones, Bruce Connell, David Zeitlyn (15% contribution field data and discussion of ethnicity), Ayele Tarekegn, Dallas M. Swallow, Neil Bradman and Mark G. Thomas The T allele of a SNP located 13.9 kb upstream of the lactase gene (LCT) (C-13.9kbT) does not predict or cause the lactase persistence phenotype in Africans 2004 American Journal of Human Genetics. Jun;74(6):1102-10.
Michael E. Weale, Tina Shah, Abigail L. Jones, John Greenhalgh, James F. Wilson, Pagbajabyn Nymadawa, David Zeitlyn (10% contribution field data), Bruce A. Connell, Neil Bradman, and Mark G. Thomas: Rare Deep-Rooting Y Chromosome Lineages in Humans: Lessons for Phylogeography Genetics 2003 (165) 229-234 http://www.genetics.org/cgi/content/abstract/165/1/229?etoc (ISSN 0016-6731)
with B. Connell (50% contribution), Ethnogenesis and Fractal History on the African Frontier: Mambila-Njerep-Mandulu 2003 Journal of African History 44(1): 117-38
With M.D. Fischer (50% contribution). Ritual, ideation and performance: A Case Study of Multimedia in Anthropological Research - the Mambila Nggwun Ritual (paper presented to the 16th European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research (EMCSR), April 2-5, 2002). In Cybernetics and Systems 2002 (ed.) R. Trappl. Vienna, Austria: Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies.
with B. Connell (30% contribution), Njerep: A Postcard from the Edge 2000 Studies in African Linguistics 29(1): 95-125
with J. Bagg* (50% contribution) Mambila Demography from Archival Sources 2000 History in Africa 27: 423-36 ISSN 0361-5413
with J. Bex* & M. David* Access Denied: The Politics of New Communications Media 1998 Telematics and Informatics 15(3): 219-30
with J. Bex* & M. David* Cultural and Technical Networks: A Qualitative Approach 1997 Education for Information 15(4): 351-61
with M. David* What are they doing? Dilemmas in Analyzing Bibliographic Searching: Cultural and Technical Networks in Academic Life 1996 Sociological Research Online <http://www.socresonline.org.uk/socresonline/1/4/2.html>
with J. Bex*, & M. David*, 1997. The Bare-Foot Data-Base User: New Challenges for the Meta-Librarian pp. 100-105 in New Book Economy: Proceedings of the 5th international BOBCATSS Symposium, Budapest, January 1997 Budapest: Faculty of Economics and Information, Hogeschool van Amsterdam
with J. Bex*, & M. David* Making Sense of On-Line Information 1997 Paper presented at: ELVIRA4, Milton Keynes. (ed.) C. Davies, May 1997
with Ian Fowler (50% of the work) Editors Introduction 1995 Paideuma 41: 7-16
with Ian Fowler (50% of the work) Introductory Essay: the Grassfields and the Tikar 1996. pp 1-16 in African Crossroads: Intersections of history and anthropology in Cameroon (eds) I. Fowler & D. Zeitlyn Oxford: Berghahn
with Andrew Wilson* The Childes Project: an Anthropological Resource 1995 CAM. The Cultural Anthropology Methods Journal 7(1): 1-3
with Andrew Wilson* The Distribution of Person Referring Terms in Natural Conversation, 1995 Research on Language and Social Interaction 28(1): 61-92
with Andrew Wilson* Speech Acts and Stiles 1994 Linguistics and Education 6(1): 91-8
with Roger Blench (50% of the work) A Web of Words 1989/1990 (published in 1992) Sprache und Geschichte in Afrika 10/11, 171-86


2003. Portals and Collaboration. Anthropology News 44 (8), 12.
2003. "Don't Cut There But There". Anthropology News 44 (6), 68.
2001. Fixing the Roof. Anthropology News 42, 60.
Electronic and other resources:
Teaching material prepared as part of the HEFCE-Funded FDTL project:
Studies of Divination http://lucy.ukc.ac.uk/ERA/Divination/
The Status of Ancestors in Africa http://lucy.ukc.ac.uk/ERA/Ancestors/
Anthropological Index Online http://lucy.ukc.ac.uk/AIO.html
Virtual Institute of Mambila Studies (VIMS) available at http://lucy.ukc.ac.uk/VIMS/
Searchable index to UK Social Anthropology Theses. URL: http://lucy.ukc.ac.uk/Theses/theses_intro.html. Online October 1995
BICA Online: http://lucy.ukc.ac.uk/bicaindex.html
Oxford Union List of Periodicals of Interest to Social Anthropologists 1992
Oxford: I.S.C.A.

Selected book reviews:

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