Reforestation work at Somie

Led by a registered co-op group (REFOCASO) several small scale reforestation projects are ongoing in Somie and its surroundings. As well as the work on a pilot field and subsequent extension, REFOCASO has been doing work to secure the area of the catchment for the Somie water project.

Following a landslip which broke the pipeline and threatened the structures lower down the slope below the catchment they are now actively managing a further area of reforestation to proctect those slopes which have been made vulnerable following bush fires and tree cover loss.

On behalf of the village they are seeking to raise funds for the repair of pipes and filtration plant destroyed by the landslip. A water engineer has prepared a costed report for the work needed (more infromation available on request).

Link to some photos of recent activity and evidence of need for further work

GIC Des Jeunes Envirnnementalistes pour la Regeneration Forestiere du Canton de Somié (REFOCASO) (Registered Nagoundere 27 Feb 2007 no AD/GP/05/07/2625)
later transformed into a SCOOPS (Registered Nagoundere 17 May 2013 No. AD ISCOOPS/004/13.001)

The members of REFOCASO paraded at Somie on the 11 feb 2023 for National Youth Day


Ndjisam Jean-Claude, Treasurer, tel +237 661216188 DJISSEAM Jean-Claude as written on his CNI

Updated 15 July 2022