Tikar Plain Photos - long list

This page links to 174 images of photographs made over the last 30 years by two Cameroonian Studio photographers working on or near the Tikar Plain in Cameroon.

Thirty of these images were chosen to form an exhibition held at the British Council offices in Yaoundé, Cameroon in January 2004. To aid this process the images have been grouped along rough thematic/stylistic lines. At present most of the images are undocumented: all that is known is who took which photo: the titles/filenumbers refer to: SF Samuel Finlak based in Atta, MDJ Joseph Tchila based in Mayo Darlé.

We are very grateful to the British Council, Cameroon for supporting this exhibition.

David Zeitlyn and David Reason

Low resolution scans of the photographs

Each 'thumbnail page' contains 40 images each of which are c. 12k in size (total download 2.2Mb over 5 thumbnail pages). Each 'thumbnail page' links to a single page with a higher resolution scan (size of each c. 120k).

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