[2]Fulani word



[5]Torbi not known to W.W. people

[6]Ngubigu Titon

[7]Ngubigu Titon

[8] People call Gembu People

[9]W.W. Gembu People

[10]They are Mambila. Magupru car Top??

[11] Fulani call Blacksmiths Kila.

There is a town called Kila Near Durofi.

The blacksmiths in Titong speak a different lang.

Also Mamb at Kari they speak Mam.

[12] Not true


[14]Check with Tita, Kuldnacti

[15] Wrong


[17]Check with Tita, Kuldnacti

[18]Check with Tita, Kuldnacti

[19]? Check Tita

[20]Not true. It is the system, not predicate on marriage type 1.


[22]Could a man kill his exch wife? Sell her as a slave? etc

Would she be taken away if cruelly treated?




[26]This only if preceeding children died in husbands comp.

[27]Only if near and kindred hasn't money

[28]I believe Meek correct



[31]Correct in a sense


[33]Yes Check

[34] Dont know

[35] Titong people do this ring

[36] True

[37]True, they would kill one doing so

[38] The young man goes himself with xxx xxx present. The girl shows the man to one of her sisters who then asks parents




[42]True. Father doesn't eat it he gives it to full sibling. If sibling has fine spear he will give it to the boy saying kissimu you will shoot fine beasts

[43] Probably untrue

[44]True. They can't even give full sister


[46]Check True. If you shoot someone hunting and are taken as slave, you can give the daughter of your sister

[47]? Native chief. probably true

[48]It's bad but some do

[49]You would only ask small boy but not for sexual relations. A small girl often asked

[50]Kumu chief (Tita)

[51]James has heard of Wankurip




[55]Perversion also used by sons



[58]Takuli in W.W. Takurindia in Ngubin

[59]nyien in W.w. talk. Nyini Ngubin talk

[60]Only if she has been long time and has born pickin. If big "brother" near she can't unless she gives them fowl and buys right to do so.

[61]Titon lang

[62]Chief of juju in Mbamga Tak {sic = Talk? DZ]

Mbon Shoa in WW

[63]some do this for shoa

[64]Only if mother gives the medicine

[65]Not so

[66]Either mat or paternal

[67]Either pat or mat

[68]Not true

[69]??James says that every Menim must be asked before sasswood given, but it will agree. Sasswood given whether witching to xxxx xx the Menim

[70]??True?? that a stranger will make witches of ??nor?? kin. James says that it is probably not true

[71] either

[72] No

[73] No

[74] Anyone can do it





[79]Yes True

[80] Not exactly like this here

[81]These hats are worn by women




[85]Not here

[86] Probably Kwurrum here

[87]Not ancestors here


[89] Kwurrum





[94]This feast not made for W.w. people

[95] Not so

[96]Mbar is in Titon, Kabri and is like Burr

[97]Play juju does not play with women, but chases boys

[98] No. They belonged to dead, that is they are very old

[99]At Kabri


[101]This play juju does


[103]No. Women wear loinclothes when dancing their juju


[105] Any big man

[106] True

[107]Not true

[108] Yes

[109]Not so


[111]Don't know



[114]Titon or Kara house

[115]Titon braiding on bottom of Ndup