The Gutowskis in Mambilla- Introduction to the photos

The following links are to pages which display the Gutowski Mambila photographs along with captions. Since they are mainly visual there is little point in accessing them with text only browsers. Each page displays 20 photographs in the form a a low resolution gif image which acts as a link to a higher quality jpeg of that image. In size each page including its inline gif images occupies about 300k, and each individual jpeg is about 50k. Clearly it is not advisable to download these pages if you have a slow or expensive connection.

Photos Page 1 - Photos Page 2 - Photos Page 3 - Photos Page 4 - Photos Page 5 - Photos Page 6

The photographs are copyright Willi Gutowski.
They may be used in education provided acknowledgement is made.
No commercial use may be made without prior permission in writing.