Table Person90

This table contains details for all persons mentioned in the census of Somie village conducted by Dr. David Zeitlyn and Baba Joel in 1990. 

Many of these people were not resident in the village at this time but are related to residents in one of two ways. The census asked women for names and dates for all children they had borne including stillbirths and dates of death for these children where relevant, and details of all of their husbands. Each person was also asked for details of both parents. 

The pid field links this table to others in the census group and to other records relating to that person. 

pid integer unique person id
name text(50) name of person as given in census
sex text(1) sex of person - m, f, n
pob text(25) place of birth
dob date date of birth
yob integer year of birth - (>1880 And <=1990) or 0 as default
bperiod text(25) period of birth - imprecise date or chief's name etc.
pod text(25) place of death
dod date date of death
yod integer year of death - (>1900 And <=1990) or 0 as default
dperiod text(25) period of death - imprecise date or chief's name etc.
birthord integer birth order
note text(100) note in census record relating to this person
Census Record 
Birth List