The Mambila Population Database

The database was designed and implemented by Dr. Janet Bagg (Dept. of Anthropology, University of Kent) from surveys, genealogies, mission registers and birth certificates collected by Dr. David Zeitlyn from 1986 to date.

Using techniques developed in historical demography1, sets of information relating to persons in each document were linked into a central model of persons and relationships. The integrity of the origical data was preserved to create an 'audit-trail' of the linkage process.

A special coding system was developed that took into account transcription of Mambila using both French and English practices. Unlike the classic Russell soundex, this produced an entirely alphabetic code and took account of the relative positioning of letters.

Database Structure


1 see L. Henry and M. Fleury 19?? and E.A. Wrigley and R. Schofield 19 in E.A.Wrigley (ed.) Identifying People in the Past.