Information about Bruce Connell

Research Fellow
Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Oxford University
51 Banbury Road
Oxford OX2 6PE

tel: +44 1865 274 685
fax: +44 1865 274 630

Research interests

Phonetics and phonology, especially factors related to the organization of sound systems; tonal systems; comparative and historical linguistics; linguistic paleontology; psycholinguistics.



(1985) A comparative study of the Lower Cross language group. JOLAN (Journal of the Linguistic Association of Nigeria), No. 3 105-111.

(1987) Language and Prehistory in the Cross River Basin. In M. B. Abassiattai (Ed.), The Role of the Arts in Nation Building. (University of Calabar Faculty of Arts Occasional Publications Vol. 1.) (pp. 49-64). Calabar: Map Publishers.

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(in press) Classifying Cross River. Proceedings of 26th ACAL, Los Angeles.

(in press) Yams, palms, and culture history in the Cross River Basin: Linguistic evidence. In R. M. Blench & M. Spriggs (Eds.), Archaeology and Language, Vol. II. Routledge One World Archaeology Series. London: Routledge.

(in press) The role of language contact in the development of Usaghade. SUGIA (Sprache und Geschichte in Afrika), 16

Jointly authored

Connell, B, Hogan, J.T. & Rozsypal A.J. (1983). Experimental evidence for interaction between tone and intonation in Mandarin Chinese. Journal of Phonetics Vol. 11 No. 4: 337-351.

Connell, B. A., & Ladd, D. R. (1990) Aspects of Pitch Realization in Yoruba. Phonology, 7 1, 1-29.

Connell, B., & Hajek, J. (1991) Universals of nasal attrition. Proceedings, ICPhS 12 Vol. 5, Aix-en-Provence: Université de Provence, 106-109.

Verhoven, J., & Connell, B. (1992) Tonal accents in a Limburg dialect: an acoustic analysis. PROPH (Progress Reports from Oxford Phonetics), 5 60-72.

Connell, B. A., & Maison, K. B. (in press) A Cameroun homeland for the Lower Cross people? SUGIA (Sprache und Geschichte in Afrika), 15

Blench, R. M., Williamson, K., & Connell, B. (in press) A historical and linguistic investigation into the spread of maize in Nigeria. SUGIA (Sprache und Geschichte in Afrika), Vol. 15

Edited works

Connell, B., & Arvaniti, A. (1995) Phonology and Phonetic Evidence: Papers in Laboratory Phonology IV. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,

Connell, B. (in prep.) Bakweri - English, English - Bakweri Dictionary, based on materials collected by Edwin Ardener.)

Advisory editor, Research into Yoruba Language and Linguistics, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.


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